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About Us

We are a leading reserve and capital project consulting firm headquartered in Southern California, serving    Common Interest Developments, specializing in managing and providing reserve studies, budgeting, and capital project funding consultation.  

Erik M. Rivera, EBP, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, President, Reserve Analyst

Travis Honings, EBP, Director, Client Relations

Co-Lee Grev, AMS, PCAM, RS, Founder, Emeritus Member


Experience You Can Trust

Reserve Study

We provide reserve studies to all types of common interest developments, private clubs, churches and water districts.

Reserve Management Plan

Budget & Capital Consulting

We provide Reserve Management plans, which are a comprehensive process of reserve planning in collaboration with the Board of Directors and management company, to appropriately plan the capital budget needs of the entity over a 30-40 year funding cycle.

We provide detailed budget consulting to assist the Board of Directors in reviewing all the needs of the community and provide insight as to options for properly funding.

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan, never the goal."



"A reserve company who actually takes the time to sit down with the board and develop a comprehensive, and accurate strategic plan. It is refreshing having a community partner that understands every aspect of our community plan."

Board President, Mixed-use Condominium and Retail

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